CLOX 8.01: Easy to use, great-looking world clocks for desktop or mobile use.

CLOX 8.01

saving time reference database provide a convenient way to help ensure that your timezone clocks are kept showing the correct times. CLOX 8 is wonderfully simple, pleasurable and fairly intuitive to use. A detailed user guide is supplied but you`ll probably figure most things out without needing to give it more than a glance. Email and web support is free if you have a question. If you`ve family, friends or do business across different time zones

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best savings account rates 1: best savings account rates

best savings account rates 1

One of the many attractions of a savings account is the interest rates that come with it. Naturally, a saver wants a investment with high rates so that the money you are saving earns a lot of interest. Nothing exists like savings accounts best rates as they fluctuate according to the rates of the Federal Reserve which are determined by the strength of the dollar which in turn will be determined by the economy.

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Retirement Savings Planner 2010.3: Quick. Simple. Visual way to plan your Retirement Savings and Income.

Retirement Savings Planner 2010.3

Savings strategy. Are you saving enough for retirement? Retirement Planner will tell you the answer. The intuitive one screen design will help you develop a savings strategy to reach your retirement income goals. The easy-to-read Principal Graph shows you your growing savings balances. The Income Graph clearly shows you in red if you cannot meet your specified retirement income goal. It`s that easy. This software works with all types of retirement

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Cash Doctors Budget Planner 1.0: The Cash Doctors Budget Planner is free to download. Try it today!

Cash Doctors Budget Planner 1.0

Want to stay on top of your personal finance? The Cash Doctors Budget Planner is free to download and simple to use. The planner uses the data you enter to calculate your monthly income, expenses, savings capability and how long it will take to reach your savings goal. Whether you`re saving for a house, a holiday, a car, or even just for a rainy day, Cash Doctors Budget Planner will help you get there faster.

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